Building Specifications With Experience

Helping architects with detailed, comprehensive building specifications – by the Ol' Goat, Mike Splawn

Reduce liability, keep your customers and builders happy.

Outsource Your Building Specifications

Detailed Building Specifications

Get detailed, highly specific building specifications to make your design or architecture project faster and easier. Some materials are common, some are "No Substitutions" and some are in between. We can help define this for you.

Decades of Estimating and Project Experience

Yes - I'm old... With more than 30 years as a registered architect and 40 years on job sites, we bring clarity to the project process and to your job.

Save Time, Reduce Hassles

Never do another specifications project again - outsource the work to increase your available time to work on project design and business development.

Let's Face it – Nobody likes writing (or reading) specifications… but they sure are important!

“I wrote one spec, I hope I never have to do it again!” — A.C.


Drawing and creating is without a doubt more fun. But like it or not, we’re in the building business and your liability is real.

Let the Ol’ Goat help bring clarity to your project.


A Team That Cares

Mike Splawn has been working in, on, and around construction projects of all scales for decades.

We have experience in industrial, medical, education, commercial, recreation, and manufacturing construction.

Construction is what we’ve always done, and we know that the easiest way to bring clarity to a project and the job site is  to have the project laid out not only in drawings, but in accurate specifications.

The Process

How We Work

Step One

Get in touch to talk through the preliminary aspects of your project.


Div 00 and 01 is the 'Front End'. Many firms and some clients have their own front end. I can integrate your tailored front end or help you create one that meets your project.

Div 02-14 is the 'Construction Materials'. This is where I do the most work with your direction.

Div 16-40 are provided by your engineers of record. We'll be happy to provide them with a header/footer template to match your spec.

Step Two

We work together to outline your project's specifications.


This will mostly be handled through a 'shared project folder', so don't worry about constantly scheduling a phone call or wondering if an email was received- just put the material web link or PDF in a folder that will be set up for the design team of your description. At this point we will be classifying what materials are common, Basis of Design and No Substitution.

Step Three

Receive comprehensive building specifications for your drawings based on product specifications outlined in advance.


You will need to send me a good ‘DD‘ set to review as we put the spec together. This with a table of content review, and material classifications we will build the spec to your need. You don't get off scot free but we'll do the heavy lifting.

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