Building Specifications for Architects

When there’s confusion in interpreting construction documents, the client usually gets less than what they thought they were paying for. 

Reducing that confusion by managing project information up front is a win for your client and a win for you.

We make that easy by handling the building specifications for you.

What We Do

Building Specifications

Ol' Goat provides comprehensive building specifications for construction projects of all sizes.

We work with architects to outline even the smallest product and build details, helping provide clarity on construction projects, reduce time wasted on back-and-forth questions among stakeholders, and ultimately reduce issues in the final product.

How Great Building Specs Can Save Your Business

A true story –

A firm had completed an eye-catching emergency department for a hospital.

After a very short time, the very expensive rubber floor in the space began to come loose – and not just “here and there.”

The contractor was pointing at the architect; the architect was saying “not my problem”; and the hospital had a floor that was quickly falling apart.

The cost to repair the floor was estimated at around $1 million.

Thankfully, the architect had  ‘Common Work Results for Flooring Preparation’ thoroughly outlined in their building specifications! The contractor had not prepared the slab to specification, and ultimately was on the hook to repair the floor. 

It was a good resolution for the hospital, with a quick repair and no checks written by their insurance provider, and the architect looked good in the eyes of the client and avoided meaningful legal liability. 

All thanks to thorough building specifications done right from the start.


Why building Specifications?

Specifications are the main legal source of clarification on a project:

More than Drawings

Drawings may tell you how many windows you have, but the specifications cover the product details:
- dual-pane or monolithic
- tinted or reflective
- fire-rated, laminated, or tempered
- low-E (and if so which face)
-SHGR, Air Infiltration, frame type, and material
The list goes on, for every material.

Qualitative Not Quantitative

Everyone is familiar with the drawings - the "quantitative" aspect of a project. This is what you learn in school.

The qualitative and specifications aspect of the process comes from years of participation in the construction process.

Outsource the Details

You know the process, you know the pit falls, and you have a well-informed and established client base.

You’re probably here because of time constraints: just not enough hours to get it done in-house, and not enough time to train someone new.

Save Money And Worry

We keep the building specifications streamlined as possible.

Time is money in your world, and efficiency is good for both of us. Our fees are calculated on a project-by-project basis.

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